Suryavansh – Part 3

Hi guys! Today, we are going to read about the descendants of Kakutstha. So, let’s go!


Kakutstha’s son, Anena, had a son named Prithu. When Prithu was the King of Kosala, there was famine everywhere. He found out that the earth goddess had hidden food, medicine, etc., in her abdomen. He asked her to release them for the welfare of humanity, but she refused and ran away in the form of a cow. 

Prithu was angry on learning this and was determined to free the world from this famine. He chased her, asking her to stop, but in vain. Prithu got on his chariot and raised his bow to free the earth from the famine by killing the cow. The earth goddess, in the form of the cow, asked for forgiveness from Prithu. She said that killing her would mean the end of his subjects too. Prithu lowered his weapon and promised to protect her.

Prithu milked the cow and received the food, medicine, etc. By granting the earth goddess protection, Prithu became her father, so the earth came to be known as Prithvi, the daughter of Prithu. King Prithu was the first Chakravartin (universal ruler).


Prithu’s great-great-great-grandson (whew!) was Brihadashva. Brihadashva had lived a full life and decided to retire to the forest. He crowned his son, Kuvalashva, as the King of Kosala and left for the forest. The wise Sage, Utanka, stopped Brihadashva from leaving, saying that a gigantic rakshasa named Dhundhu was performing awful austerities for destroying the world. Utanka asked Brihadashva to kill Dhundhu and offered to give him divine powers gained from Lord Vishnu. 

Brihadashva refused and told the Sage that his son, Kuvalashva, will go instead of him. Brihadashva’s one hundred other sons were sent first, but Dhundhu killed all of them. Enraged, Kuvalashva attacked Dhundhu, fending off his demonic powers. Infused with Lord Vishnu’s powers given to him by Sage Utanka, he slew the rakshasa. Sage Utanka granted him the name, Dhundhumara – slayer of Dhundhu.

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