Suryavansh – Part 3

Hi guys! Today, we are going to read about the descendants of Kakutstha. So, let’s go!


Kakutstha’s son, Anena, had a son named Prithu. When Prithu was the King of Kosala, there was famine everywhere. He found out that the earth goddess had hidden food, medicine, etc., in her abdomen. He asked her to release them for the welfare of humanity, but she refused and ran away in the form of a cow. 

Prithu was angry on learning this and was determined to free the world from this famine. He chased her, asking her to stop, but in vain. Prithu got on his chariot and raised his bow to free the earth from the famine by killing the cow. The earth goddess, in the form of the cow, asked for forgiveness from Prithu. She said that killing her would mean the end of his subjects too. Prithu lowered his weapon and promised to protect her.

Prithu milked the cow and received the food, medicine, etc. By granting the earth goddess protection, Prithu became her father, so the earth came to be known as Prithvi, the daughter of Prithu. King Prithu was the first Chakravartin (universal ruler).


Prithu had a son named Satyavrata. He was a righteous and kind king and took good care of his people. As he grew old, he passed on his throne to his son, Harishchandra. As Satyavrata lived a righteous life, he deserved ascension to heaven, but he wished to do so in his mortal body. He requested his Guru, Vashishta, to perform the rites, but he declined, saying that ascending to heaven in one’s mortal body is impossible. Satyavrata approached Vashishta’s son, Shakti, to help him. Shakti refused as he didn’t want to go against his father’s wishes. Satyavrata attempted to lure Shakti with wealth and fame, but the act angered Shakti. He cursed Satyavrata to turn into Trishanku, with horrible form and illnesses.

Upon his wanderings, Trishanku met the king turned ascetic, Kaushika. He narrated his story to Kaushika and asked for his help. Kaushika agreed and started the rituals for Trishanku’s departure. Soon, Trishanku started his ascension to heaven. Once he reached heaven, the Devas kicked him out, as no one in their mortal body can reach heaven. Kaushika was angry and stopped Trishanku’s descent from heaven halfway and constructed another heaven around him. The Devas requested Kaushika to stop this as it will be disastrous if Trishanku overtakes Indra. Kaushika agreed and said that the new heaven shall be called Trishanku’s heaven and the king shall reside in the heaven from now on. To ensure that Trishaku does not supersede Indra, Kaushika suspended him upside down in his heaven.

Thus concludes the story of Trishanku, who is suspended in his heaven.

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Suryavansh – Part 2

Hi people! Today, we are going to get to the nail-biting parts of Suryavansh so, buckle up!


King Ikshvaku had 100 sons. Vikukshi was the eldest. Once, Vikukshi was sent to fetch some meat for a sacrifice Ikshvaku was performing. Vikukshi finished hunting and was returning to Ayodhya when he was overcome by hunger. He ate some of the meat destined for the sacrifice. The teacher of the Ikshvaku dynasty, Sage Vashishta, advised Ikshvaku to banish Vikukshi from the Kingdom as what he did was a sacrilege. Ikshvaku respected his teacher, Sage Vashishta, so he banished Vikukshi from his Kingdom. 

I know you are wondering who Sage Vashishta is. He is a mind-born son of Lord Brahma. He undertook the responsibility of training and advising the descendants of Ikshvaku.

After the passing of Ikshvaku, Vikukshi returned to Ayodhya and ruled there. Vikukshi had a valiant son named Kakutstha.


When Vikukshi’s son, Kakutstha, was ruling Kosala, a war broke out between the Devas and Asuras. The Devas could not defeat the Asuras, so under the advice of Lord Vishnu, they went to King Kakutstha for help. Kakutstha agreed to help, but on one condition, Indra, the King of the Devas, should become his vehicle. Indra had no other way, so he took the form of a bull and became Kakutstha’s mount. King Kakutstha bravely fought against the Asuras and emerged victoriously. 

King Kakutstha had a son named Anena and he had a son named Prithu. We will see about him and his descendants in the next parts! Stay tuned!


Suryavansh – Part 1

Hi guys! I’m here with another new series! As you might have figured, this is about the Suryavansh. What is Suryavansh? Suryavansh consists of two words, Surya and Vansh. Surya refers to the sun god, and Vansh means lineage. So, Suryavansh means the lineage of the sun god. Suryavansh is known for its righteous kings who sacrifice many things for the good of the world. Lord Rama, the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, was born in this lineage. This series will cover the stories of the kings who descended from Lord Surya, the sun.

A lotus stem emerged from Lord Vishnu’s navel from that, a lotus bloomed. In that lotus was Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma had a mind-born son named Marichi. Marichi begot a son named Kashyap. Kashyap and his wife Aditi gave birth to Lord Vivasvan, also called Surya. Vivasvan had a child called Manu. Because he was the son of Vivasvan, he was called Vaivasvata.

Yes, this is the same Manu that appeared in the Matsya Avatar story!

Vaivasvata Manu had ten children, the eldest of them was Ikshvaku. Ikshvaku was the first King of the kingdom of Kosala. He ruled from his capital, Ayodhya. Because Manu was the son of Surya, his lineage is called Suryavansh.

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