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Book Review: Raavanputr Meghnad

Raavanputr Meghnad: Prince of Lanka is a book by author Kevin Missal. 

The narrative is interesting as he narrates the story from the perspective of the four main characters. He doesn’t break the suspense as he moves from the story of one character to another. His story also gives a different perspective on the Ramayan. I loved how he slowly revealed layers of understanding and he leaves it to us to decide who is good. 

It is also nice how he opts for the lesser-known names for some characters, Prameela instead of Sulochana, Suparnika, and Meenakshi instead of Surpanakha. Overall, I think that even though there are some typographic errors, the book as a whole is a good read.

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Book Review: Shiva Trilogy

On this occasion of 10 years of Amish, I present to you, Book Review: Shiva Trilogy!

The Shiva Trilogy is a book series by Amish Tripathi. It consists of three books, Immortals of Meluha, Secret of the Nagas and Oath of the Vayuputras

Amish is a graduate from IIM- Calcutta and worked for 14 years in the financial services industry before turning to full-time writing.


Meluha, a near-perfect empire established by Lord Ram, one of the greatest kings. However, the Meluhans face a severe crisis as their primary river, the Saraswati is slowly dying. They also face devastating terrorist attacks from the Chandravanshis and Nagas, a cursed race with physical deformities. It appears that their only saviour is the fabled Neelkanth.

Is Shiva, the rough-hewn Tibetian immigrant, really that hero?

And then this story happened. It wasn’t really one defining moment of epiphany. It sort of just crept up on me. Slowly, first the philosophies, and then the story to convey the philosophies. This experience has changed me. My outlook to life. My attitude. And my belief in God.

Amish Tripathi

It is a thrilling series of books with suspenseful endings. Amish has crafted this masterpiece with excellence. I recommend this to anyone who likes to read interesting books. Overall, It’s fast-paced (in a good way) and well written, so it deserves 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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The 14 Lokas: Part 1

There are 14 Lokas (realms), 6 are above and 7 are below us. The below mentioned Lokas are the top-half of everything. So let’s go right in!

Satya Loka: Meaning, “The realm of Truth”, it’s the highest Loka. It’s the Divine abode of Lord Brahma and his wives. It has the most beautiful gardens with the most fragrant flowers.

Tapa Loka: Tapa Loka is inhabited by immortal beings who are personifications of knowledge.

Jana Loka: Jana Loka is where realised beings live, they can travel to any Loka at the speed of thought.

Mahar Loka: Mahar Loka is where Rishis and Sages live, they have become greater than the Devas themselves by performing severe penance.

Svarg Loka: This is where the Devas live, it is commonly mistaken as heaven. It is also home to Sages and Gandharvas.

Bhuvar Loka: This is where the Sun and the planets reside.

Bhu Loka: This is where you and I reside, this is also the home of other humans and animals.

In the above Lokas, there is scope for sideways movement, and there are worlds within these realms. The idea of Heaven is not as simple as it seems!