Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles: Part 3

Namaste guys! Today I’m going to tell you about how Lord Ganesha taught a lesson to the arrogant Kubera. You might have heard about Kubera as the God of Wealth and the King of Yakshas (Nature spirits).

Kubera was proud of his excessive wealth and arranged a massive feast and invited all the Devas (Gods) to his abode, Lanka. Lanka was overflowing with wealth, there were no poor, no one who was malnourished. Its houses were lined with gold and studded with precious gems. It became dubbed ‘Svarna Lanka’ (Golden Lanka).

Kubera went to Kailash and invited Lord Shiva to his feast. Shiva sensed that Kubera was doing this out of arrogance to show off his wealth. He decided to teach him a lesson, he sent his son, Ganesha to the feast instead of him.

The feast was grandly organized, flowers were strewn everywhere and there was the enchanting fragrance of sandalwood in the air. The mesmerizing aroma of food came from the Royal Kitchens.

Kubera signaled for the feast to commence. As all of the Devas reached for the first morsel of food, they were shocked to see that Ganesha had already finished eating! The servants hurriedly fetched more and more food but Ganesha devoured them in an instant! Slowly, all the food in the palace was finished by Ganesha. You bet everyone was shocked!

A servant humbly told Ganesha and Kubera, “Oh Lords! All the food in the palace is over.” Ganesha was hungry so he got angry and threatened to eat the whole palace. Kubera was startled and begged Ganesha not to destroy the palace. Ganesha didn’t listen and went outside, he grew in size and lifted the palace.

Kubera prayed to Lord Shiva to help him, Shiva appeared before him and said, “Pray to Ganesha with a pure heart and offer him a handful of roasted rice, his hunger will be satiated” Kubera did as instructed and prayed to Ganesha with a pure heart and offered him a handful of roasted rice. Ganesha ate it and his hunger was instantly satiated.

Do not organize a feast and invite Ganesha to it😂 No no, that came out wrong, Don’t let arrogance cloud your mind.

Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles: Part 2

Hi guys! Today I’m going to tell you about Lord Ganesha’s Vahana (mount). You might have heard about Mooshika the mouse as Lord Ganesha’s mount. Did you wonder, ‘Where did the mouse come from?’. You might have also wondered how can such a small mouse, bear the weight of the Lord? You have come to the right place. So, let’s go!

Backstory: Once, there was a demigod named Krauncha in Svargalok. He was immersed in an Apsara’s dancing and accidentally stepped on Sage Vamadeva’s foot. The Sage was extremely angry and cursed Krauncha, “You will be a havoc-wreaking mouse forever!”. Krauncha begged for forgiveness and Sage Vamadeva calmed down a bit and said, “Lord Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles shall free you from this curse and the Gods shall bow down before you.” (Sages have a volatile mood😂)

Once, Sage Parashar invited Lord Ganesha to his Ashram (hermitage). Lord Ganesha arrived and talked to him on philosophical topics. Suddenly a worried disciple entered the room and bowed to both of them. He said, ” Oh Sage, a mouse has entered our Ashram and is wrecking it. Ganesha and Parashar divined that it was the cursed demigod, Krauncha that was ravaging the Ashram.

They rushed there and saw the ruined cottages with rice and grains strewn everywhere. Ganesha summoned his Pasa (noose) and looped it around the mouse’s neck and caught the mouse. Krauncha prayed to Ganesha, ” Oh Lord! Please forgive me for this mistake.” and offered to be his Vahana. Ganesha forgave him and accepted the offer.

Krauncha said, “Oh Lord! I am so fortunate to be your Vahana. How can I bear your weight?” Ganesha said, “I give you the boon that you will be able to bear my weight. I also give you a new name, Mooshika!”

Moral of the story:
Do not mess with Sages. I’m just kidding 😉 If you pray with devotion to Lord Ganesha, he will surely answer your prayers.

Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles: Part 1

Hi guys! Today, I’m going to tell you about the elephant-headed god (yes you heard it right) Ganesha. You might have heard about him as the Remover of Obstacles but you might not know how he was born. Do you think he was born with an elephant head? No. Today I’m going to tell you about how he got his elephant head.




Once, Parvati wanted to take a bath, but her husband, Shiva had gone to meditate. She wanted someone to guard her chambers but there was no one in the palace (gone when you need them the most😂). So she decided to make a statue with turmeric paste. Soon, she finished making the statue of a boy. She gave life to the statue, he was plump and intelligent. Parvati said, “My child, I name you Vinayaka! I want you to guard the entrance until your father, Shiva comes. Dear, take this spear and go.”. 

Vinayaka went outside and stood guard. After a while, Shiva returned from his meditation. Vinayaka barred Shiva from entering. Remember, as Vinayaka was just born, he didn’t know how his father looked. Shiva was angry and said, “Boy! who are you to stop me from entering my own house? Move!” Vinayaka unflinchingly replied, “Mother has ordered me to not let anyone in. I will obey her.”.

Shiva got angrier and ordered a Gana to fight Vinayaka. Both fought ferociously and Vinayaka was victorious. He then ordered his full army to fight Vinayaka but in vain. Finally, Shiva himself fought Vinayaka and the battle lasted a long time. Shiva’s sword and Vinayaka’s spear clashed as Vinayaka parried Shiva’s blow. Finally, Shiva took out his renowned Trishul (Trident) and sliced Vinayaka’s head off.

Hearing all this commotion, Parvati came out to see what was happening (After all this time?). She was shocked to see her beloved son’s decapitated body lying in the ground. She shrieked and started wailing at her loss. She glared at Shiva with bloodshot eyes and said, “You killed our son?! I want him back, NOW!”

Shiva was shocked when she said that the boy was their son, he was overcome with grief and guilt. He ordered the Ganas to bring the head of the first being they encounter while going north. The Ganas went north and found a dead elephant, they brought it’s head to Shiva and he put it on Vinayaka’s head.

‘How can someone restore a fully severed head?’ you ask? What I think is that Shiva had the knowledge and ability to restore a fully severed head! Something similar to a head transplant in modern medicine. You might have another question by now, ‘Why didn’t he restore Vinayaka’s original head?’. Its because the Trishul was so powerful that it shattered his head in thousands of pieces.

Then, Vinayaka regained consciousness and Shiva said, “Son, I name you Ganesha, leader of the Ganas! I am proud of you for obeying your mother until your last breath so I bless you with prosperity and extreme knowledge.” Parvati also blessed him and said, “Ganesha, I give you these weapons, Parashu (ax), Ankush (elephant goad) and Pasa (noose).” All the gods came and blessed Ganesha with many powers.