The Carnatic Music Trinity

The Trinity of Carnatic music refer to the three outstanding composers of the 18th century. They created a new era in the history of Carnatic Music by bringing about a noticeable change in what was the existing Carnatic Music Tradition. They are, Shyama Sastri (1762 – 1827), Tyagaraja (1767 – 1847) and Muthuswamy Dikshita (1775 – 1835). Their compositions are known to be distinct in style. All three composers were born in Thiruvarur formerly part of Thanjavur district in Tamilnadu, India.

The Carnatic Music Trinity: Shyama Sastri

Shyāma Sāstri (1762 – 1827) was born in a Brahmin family living in Thiruvārur. He received instruction in the Vedas, Astrology and other traditional subjects early on and learned music from his maternal Uncle.

The Carnatic Music Trinity: Muthuswamy Dikshitar

Muthuswamy Dikshitar (1775 – 1835) was born to Ramaswamy Dikshitar at Thiruvarur. His father taught him poetry, music, Vedas and astrology.

The Carnatic Music Trinity: Thyagaraja

Thyagaraja (1767 – 1847) was born in Thiruvarur, Thanjavur. He was named Thyagaraja or Thyagabramha, after the presiding deity of the temple.