Vishnu’s Dashavatar: Varaha Avatar

Hi guys! Today, I’m going to tell you about Lord Varaha.

Once, there were two Daityas (an Asura clan) named Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashyap. They were the sons of Sage Kashyap and Diti, but they did not possess the good qualities of their father. They wreaked havoc on the three worlds, blinded by their power.

You might be wondering who Sage Kashyap is. Let’s go on a little side-story. Lord Brahma, the creator, created the Universe, but no one lived in it! So, he had nine mind-born sons, one of them was Sage Marichi. Sage Marichi had a son, Sage Kashyap. Sage Kashyap was married to 13 of Daksha’s daughters. Daksha was another mind-born son of Lord Brahma. I don’t want to bore you with the names of the 13 wives of Sage Kashyap. Sage Kashyap and his 13 wives populated the earth with all kinds of creatures. Three of Sage Kashyap’s wives were Aditi, Diti, and Danu. Aditi was the mother of the Devas, Diti was the mother of Daityas, and Danu was the mother of Danavas. Daityas and Danavas together are called Asuras.

One day, Hiranyaksha kidnapped Bhudevi (the earth) and hid her in the depths of the ocean. The Devas were worried, so they prayed to Lord Brahma for help. Lord Brahma appeared and said, ‘I am helpless in this situation we should pray to Lord Vishnu for help. Only he can rescue Lady Bhudevi from this wicked Asura.’ So, the Devas and Lord Brahma prayed to Lord Vishnu. A tiny boar emerged from Brahma’s nostrils, growing in size rapidly. It was Lord Vishnu in his boar Avatar, Varaha!

Lord Varaha

Vasati dasana shikhare Dharana tava lagna

Sasini kalaika kaleva nimagna

Keshava dhriita Sukara rupa

Jaya Jagadisha Hare!

The earth once submerged at the bottom of the ocean, sits fixed on your tusk like a spot on the moon. O Keshava, in the form of a boar, Hail Hari! Lord of the Universe!

The boar, Lord Varaha, plunged into the ocean. Lord Varaha found Hiranyaksha hiding in a deep place in the ocean. He killed Hiranyaksha and rescued Lady Bhudevi. He carried Lady Bhudevi on his snout and rose to the surface. The Devas celebrated Lord Varaha and showered flowers on him.

You might be wondering ‘How can someone hide the earth in the ocean? The ocean is on the earth!’ There are three theories to explain this.
1: Hiranyaksha hid the earth in the Garbhodaka ocean, an extraterrestrial ocean.
2: Bhudevi was a person who was hidden inside the earth’s ocean.
3: The earth was fully flooded by Hiranyaksha.
Which one of these theories do you agree with? Do you have any theories? Let us know by commenting! Till next time!

By DhyanKatha

Hi, I’m a 12-year-old homeschooler. I’m interested in Carnatic classical music. I’m fascinated by Indian epics and other untold stories.

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