Vishnu’s Dashavatar: Introduction

Lord Matsya
Lord Kurma
Lady Mohini
Lord Varaha
Lord Narasimha

Hi guys! New day, new series, Vishnu’s Dashavatar. If you guys haven’t heard of Vishnu, he is the preserver of the Universe. He is part of the Tridev: Brahma creates, Vishnu preserves and Shiva destroys, the cycle goes on and on. He has lotus-like hands and feet, skin as bluish-black as the night sky. He is with four arms, carrying a Conch, a sharp disc called the Sudarshan Chakra, a hand carrying a lotus and a hand open, blessing the whole Universe. He is the one with a face shining like the Moon on a cloudless night. He resides on the Ocean of Milk in Vaikuntha with his consort Lakshmi. His Vahana (mount) is Garuda the King of Birds (if you’re a gamer, you might have heard of Garuda, he’s quite famous). He is also shown as resting on the thousand-headed snake, Adishesha.

Vishnu takes an Avatar (not the film or the TV series! It is a Sanskrit word meaning incarnation) whenever evil rises too much to control it. He takes 10 avatars in a Chaturyuga (eon), hence the name ‘Dashavatar’ Dash meaning ten and Avatar meaning incarnation. The Dashavatars are, Matsya, Kurma, Mohini, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashuram, Ram, Krishna, and Kalki.

“Whenever evil flourishes in the world, I take human form to destroy the evil people. This happens in every Yuga.”

— Lord Krishna

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Lord Vamana
Lord Parashuram
Lord Ram
Lord Krishna
Lord Kalki

By DhyanKatha

Hi, I’m a 12-year-old homeschooler. I’m interested in Carnatic classical music. I’m fascinated by Indian epics and other untold stories.

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